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The sinister force of mutants travel 1,000 years back in time to conquer our


Ransik is the a mutant formed from a genentic ooze. He bent on evil and
conquering the world.


Gluto is an escaped convict that has vowed to assist Ransik.


Nadira is Ransik's daughter, and she is a selfish spoiled brat, who wants
nothing but money and possesions.


Frax is the mechanical genius of the group. However, he is a robot and the
mutants only look at him as a lowly servant. He is despises mutants and
plans to one day rule over them. He secretly has the key to the X-Vault, the
location of the city's most ruthless mutants. He was once a human known as
Dr. Fericks, but was destroyed when he tried to help Ransik. He eventaully
gets his revenge on Ransik in an attempt to destroy all of his syrum.

Here are some pictures of Dragontron, Frax's Zord in action.


The Cyclobots are robotic fighting force built by Frax.


The Chryo Prison is the Ransik's base of frozen mutant convicts, that he
warped back in time.


Vypra is an evil demon from the Shadoworld who has battled the Lightspeed
Rescue Rangers and has now returned to release a super demon and get her
revenge. For the complete adventure, click on the special team up episode,
"Time For Lightspeed" for details.