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Here is a display of the teamup with the Lightspeed Rangers known as "Time
For Lightspeed". There are also some pictures from Timeranger VS Gogofive
that didn't make it to the final cut.

Here are some pictures from Timeranger VS Gogofive. The two teams of Rangers
will be sent back in time.

Here are some returning friends of the Lightspeed Rangers and Time Force

Ms. Fairweather is back as Angela Rawlings, the wife of Joel Rawlings the
Green Lightspeed Ranger, and Circuit is there to assist the Rangers as well.

Here is a scene from Timeranger VS Gogofive in which Jinxer was suposed to
have survived. He is with a mutant from the Chryo Prison which they merged
together to form the the super demon below known as Quarganon.

Also Vypra has returned from the Shadoworld to claim the Solar Amulet join
forces against the Rangers, her and Nadira have joined forces.

Vypra uses the Solar Amulet to summon a super demon from the Shadoworld,
known only as Quarganon. Note: Quarganon only gets giant in the japanese

I'm afraid to say, the Zord battle was completely cut. In the japanese
version, the Rangers use the Time Gate to let the Lightspeed Rangers call
forth the Lightspeed Rescuezords and form the Lightspeed Megazord. You'll
also notice the Time Force Megazord is riding on top of the Quantasaurus Rex.
In this particular scene the Lightspeed Megazord uses its Saber to ignite the
Time Force Megazord's Saber. The Time Force Megazord uses it while riding
aboard the Quantasaurus Rex to destroy its oponent. The Time Force Megazord
and Quantasaurus Rex footage was used in "Destiny Defeated" in the final
battle against Dragontron. If you look closely, you'll notice the Time Force
Megazord's Saber is on fire.

Time For Lightspeed

Vypra has been released from the Shadoworld through a graveyard in Silver
Hills, where she finds a museum in attempt to find the Solar Amulet. How-
ever she is unable to penetrate the security. The Silver Guardians show up
to stop her and her warriors, but the Guardians are defeated. After they
disapear, the Time Force Rangers show up to try to figure out what happened.
They must later go up against Vypra and her soldiers, when they are defeated.
With the help of Ransik, the Solar Amulet is stolen. That's when Carter
Greyson, the Lightspeed Rescue Red Ranger shows up to offer his assistance.
Carter calls his friends to help the Rangers. In the meantime, Carter and
Wes try to to recover the Silver Amulet, but are unsuccessful. Vypra threat-
ens to destroy the remaining four Time Force Rangers, so Carter must sacri-
fice the amulet. Vypra uses the Solar Amulet to call forth a super demon
known as Quarganon. Just then Dana Mitchell, Kelsey Winslow, Joel Rawlings,
and Chad Lee return to help them. If that wasn't enough, Eric arrives with
Ryan Mitchell the Titanium Ranger. All twelve Power Rangers morph and battle
Quarganon. To defeat them, they must use the Green and Blue Lightspeed Rang-
ers Mega Battles, the Quantum Ranger's Mega Battle, the Red Lightspeed Rang-
er's Transarmor Cycle, and the Red Time Force Ranger's Battle Warrior. Tog-
ether they use their powers to destroy Quarganon and Vypra once and for all.
The Rangers celebrate their victory together in the Clock Tower.

Vypra tries to steal the Solar AmuletEric and the Silver Guardians get their butts kickedVypra seeks the help of RansikRansik steals the Solar Amulet
Vypra and her soldiers attack the Time Force RangersThe Time Force Rangers feel Vypra's wrathCarter Greyson (Red Ranger) offers his helpNurse Dana Mitchell (Pink Ranger) gets a call for help
Joel Rawlings (Green Ranger)'s honeymoon gets interupredKelsey Winslow (Yellow Ranger) gets a call while rollar bladingChad Lee (Blue Ranger leaves his post on the beach to helpVypra and Ransik await the chant
Carter and Wes try to foil their plansVypra follows them in her VyprariCarter is ready to smash the Solar AmuletBut Vypra has hostages
Vypra uses the Solar Amulet to summon a super demonQuarganon is summonded from the ShadoworldKelsey and the other Lightspeed Rangers arrive to helpEric arrives with Ryan Mitchell (Titanium Ranger)
All twelve Rangers stand togetherLightspeed Rescue!Time For Time Force!Red Ranger (Wes) battles Vypra
Red Ranger (Carter) battles QuarganonRangers use Mega Battles, Transarmor Cycle, and Battle WarriorLightspeed Rescue give their jackets to the Time ForceTime Force escorts Lightspeed Rescue back to Mariner Bay