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In the year 3001, when a sinister evil takes discovers how to manipulate the
fabric of time, a new group of Power Rangers come to stop the evil Ransik. A
devistating battles finishes with the death of the Red Ranger. Ransik and
his forces travel back through time to the year 2001. The Time Force Rangers
follow them and recruit a new Red Ranger and unite together to save the
future. With the help of the Silver Guardians and the Quantum Ranger, the
Rangers just may be able to stop Ransik once and for all.

Erin Cahill AS Jen Scotts / Pink Ranger Deborah Estelle Phillips AS Katie Walker / Yellow Ranger Kevin Kleinberg AS Trip / Green Ranger Michael Copon AS Lucas Kendall / Blue Ranger Jason Faunt AS Wes Collins / Red Ranger Daniel Southworth AS Eric Meyers / Quantum Ranger Vernon Wells AS Ransik Kate Sheldon AS Nadira Edward Lawrence Albert AS Mr. Collins Henry Mcclinton AS Gluto Niel Kaplan AS Frax David Lodge AS voice of Frax Roy Werner AS Captain Logan Brianne Siendall AS voice of Circuit Jason Faunt AS Alex Collins / Mystery Man


In the year 3001, peace and justice reigns. Thanks to the brave legion of
the time force police, the streets have been cleared of every criminal.
Every criminal except one that is Ransik. Ransik relizes he cannot rule the
present, so he attempts to use a time warp to travel into the past. However
he is stopped by Alex Collins, the Red Ranger and aprehended into custudy.
Finally, he is able to propose to his girlfriend Jen Scotts. Ransik is
trialed and sentanced forever in chryogenic detainment. Jen Scotts, Katie
Walker, Trip, and Lucas Kendall are taking Ransik to prison. Ransik's
daughter Nadira tricks the time police into giving her father the chance to
escape. Frax launches giant missles at the time force police. Ransik and his
army take over the Chryo Prison and free Gluto, a convicted criminal. Mean-
while, Trip who is a cyberpath gets a vision of what is happening. The Red
Ranger tracks down Ransik and engages in battle. Ransik kills Alex and takes
the Chryo Prison into time warp back to the year 2001. Before Alex dies, he
tells Jen to follow Ransik back in time and gives her his Chrono Morpher. He
informs her that there is four more aboard the Timeship. The four officers
steal the TImeship and travel back in time with the help of Circuit. The
Timeship follows the Chryo Prison through the time portal. Can they stop
Ransik? To Be Continued.......


In the year 2001, Ransik and his minions arrive and begin to wreak havoc on
our time. Meanwhile, the Timeship has landed somewhere near Silver Hills.
Circuit awakens everyone, who is unconcous and informs them that the ship is
going to explode. They all get out in time, but the Timeship is destroyed.
The four put on the Chrono Morphers and their DNA bonds with them. They
travel into the city and track down Ransik, Nadira, Gluto, Frax, and the
Cyclobots who are all attacking the city. The Rangers try to morph, but
their Chrono Morphers won't activate. They relize that the red Chrono
Morpher is the key to unlocking the powers of the others. The Rangers are
being severely beaten, when someone on a motorcycle pulls up and begins to
fight the Cyclobots. After the fight, he takes off his bike helmet, when
the others relize he looks exactly like Alex. As the Rangers are in aston-
ishment, the young man gets on his bike and takes off. Later, the Rangers
agree that they must find the man that looked like Alex. It is their only
chance, because the red Chrono Morpher is bonded with Alex' DNA. Jen tracks
him down at a mansion owned by Mr. Collins, a very wealthy man. The young
man who resembles Alex is Mr. Collins son, Wes Collins. Jen shows up to talk
to Wes, and he uses that to his advantage to get away from a board meeting.
Jen tells Wes her story but he doesn't believe her. Jen walks away and joins
the other four Rangers to try to stop Ransik. Wes begins thinking and finds
the Rangers being attacked. Wes volunteers to take the Chrono Morpher and
the others give it to him whole heartedly. The powers are unlocked and the
Rangers use their Chrono Morphers to morph into Time Force Rangers. Jen is
the Pink Ranger, Katie is the Yellow Ranger, Trip is the Green Ranger, Lucas
is the Blue Ranger, and Wes is the Red Ranger. The Red Ranger is excited
by his new powers. The Power Rangers call for their Chrono Sabers and use
them to defeat their oponents. They retreat back to the Chryo Prison for
now. After the battle, Jen takes Wes' Chrono Morpher from him, and makes it
quite clear that they just needed him to unlock the powers. Now they don't
need him anymore. Although Lucas tends to agree with her, Trip and Katie
tend to think they need him. Wes just walks away.


Nadira, Gluto, and the Cyclobots are robbing a bank when Wes is passing by
in the back of a limo for a board meeting. Wes interferes and tries to stop
them, when he relizes he's in over his head. The Time Force Rangers show up
and stop them. However, Jen's not happy about Wes' interference. She tells
him that he's nothing but a spoiled brat and that he's never had to fight
for anything in his life. Later on at Collins' manor, Mr. Collins is inter-
ducing Wes to his clients, just before they go into a meeting. Wes tells his
father, he'll just be a minute and he goes outside. Wes goes outside to find
Trip. Trip tells Wes about Alex and that he is from the planet Zybria. All
Zybrians have gems on their fourhead that are capable of seeing visions.
Trip brings Wes to the beach, where the others are staying. Meanwhile inside
the Chryo Prison, Ransik brings to life on of the mutants in chryogenic
stasus using the reanimator. He revives Jetara and tells him to attack the
city. Meanwhile, Curcuit informs the Rangers of the mutant attack. Jen gives
Wes one more chance as the Red Ranger. Trip introduces the Time Jet, a
supersonic flying vehicle. The Time Force Rangers jump aboard and fly to the
city to fight Jetara. The Rangers use the Chrono Sabers to defeat the mutant
and in the process, the mutant's DNA is exposed, somehow allowing him to
grow. Meanwhile in the future, Captain Logan sends the Time Flyers. The
Pink Ranger pilots Time Flyer 5, the Yellow Ranger pilots Time Flyer 4, the
Green Ranger pilots Time Flyer 3, the Blue Ranger pilots Time Flyer 2, and
the Red Ranger pilots Time Flyer 1. Together, they combine to create the
Time Force Megazord (mode blue). The Time Force Megazord uses the Time Jet
as a blaster to attack. Since this isn't powerful enough, the Time Flyers
seperate and recombine into the Time Force Megazord (mode red). The Time
Force Megazord calls for the Saber, which comes out of the Time Gate in its
chest. The Time Force Megazord powers up the Saber and defeats Jetara,
freezing him for stasus. After the battle, Jen agrees to let Wes stay on the
team. Mutant: Jetara

RANSIK LIVES (02/24/01)

Wes has found a place for the Rangers to stay. It is inside an old Clock
Tower, which is owned by his father. To the Rangers suprise, the place is a
mess, but Jen they decide to fix it up into a home. To help matters, Wes
brings them clothes to blend in. Wes and Jen are leaving to get some food,
when they are stopped by someone in the lobby, who wants to hire them.
Apparently the Clock Tower, used to the Nick of Time: Odd Jobs. Since they
will need the money, they agree to take the job painting in the Simon's
Tower. Meanwhile, Nadira is watching TV, when Ransik gets an idea to broad-
cast his arrival on televison. Ransik and the Cyclobots take over the broad-
casting station, which just happens to be in the Simon's Tower. Wes is busy
painting when he is captured by Cyclobots and brought to Ransik who explains
to him his mutant origin. Sometime in the future, scientists were working on
a chemical that was capable of making all humans born to have perfect DNA.
However, an unfortunate accident took place and once of the canisters tipped
over and dripped into the sewers, where Ransik was born from the chemical.
Ransik was turned away by society, so he gathered all of the creatures that
were cursed by mutation and led them up to take over the city. They would've
taken it over, if it wasn't for the Time Force Police. Ransik broadcasts to
the world that he will destroy the city, if they don't surrender. The other
Time Force Rangers hear this and show up to rescue Wes, from Fearog, who
Ransik left to destroy him. The Time Force Rangers follow Fearog into the
city and defeat him with their Time Blasters. Fearog's mutant DNA is exposed
and he grows. The Time Force Rangers summon the Time Flyers and form the
Time Force Megazord. The Time Force Megazord uses mode blue and then mode
red to defeat Fearog and return him to his frozen state. The Time Flyers
once again return to the future. Later on, the Rangers celebrate their
victory, when Wes tells Jen he feels sorry for Ransik. Jen tells Wes that
the people tried to help Ransik, but he just wanted power. Wes agrees that
Ransik is pure evil and must be stopped at all cost. Mutant: Fearog

A BLUE STREAK (03/03/01)

Lucas a famous racecar driver in 3001 gets pulled over for wreckless driving.
Wes convinces Lucas to take a driving test. He is doing fine until Nadira is
on a cash run with new battle cars, created by the Mantamobile. He drives
his driving instructor crazy. Trip introduces the Rangers to the new Vector
Cycles and they take down the Mantamobile. They use their V Weapons to form
the Vortex Blaster and defeat the mutant. They defeat the mutant with the
Time Force Megazord, mode blue, then red. Lucas returns to take the driving
test. Mutant: Mantamobile

A PARTING OF WAYS (03/10/01)

The Rangers battle Punky Bruister, another mutant with their Chrono Sabers.
When the mutant grows, they combine the Time Flyers to create the Time Flyer
(ship mode). Then they form the Time Force Megazord and use modes blue and
red to send him back into chryogenic freeze. Later Wes and Mr. Collins are
talking near the park. Kids are playing baseball, when a ball hits Mr.
Collins' limo. Mr. Collins decides to teach the kids a lesson by keeping
their ball. When Mr. Collins leaves, he gives Wes the ball to throw in the
trash. Wes gives the ball back to the kids. Later on, Ransik unfreezes
Tentaclaw, a mutant which holds a bus of school children captive. Nadira
demands a $10,000 ransom. Wes goes to his father for help, but he insists
that it isn't his responsibility. Wes becomes frustrated with his father's
ways, when he signs a check for two businesses for $10,000. When the busi-
ness men are leaving, Wes tricks them into giving him the money. The Time
Force Rangers show up with the ransom, but once Nadira gets the money, she
demands the Cyclobots to destroy the children. The Rangers are able to
rescue the children and retrieve the money. They defeat Tentaclaw with the
Vortex Blaster. Tentaclaw grows and the Rangers form the Time Force Megazord
(mode blue) and use the Time Jet to freeze the mutant back to its tiny state.
Later, when Wes returns the money, Mr. Collins is very upset with him.
Reporters show up at the mansion and Wes tells them that his father is
donating the money to the children's home. Wes tells his father he is leav-
ing to find his own future. He shows up at the Clock Tower and moves in with
the other Rangers. Mutants: Punky Bruister & Tentaclaw


The Time Force Rangers defeat Ned Grimmly with the Chrono Sabers. They
create the Time Flyer (ship mode) and then the Time Force Megazord (mode red)
and use the Saber to defeat the mutant. Later on, at the Clock Tower, Trip
is yelled at for reading the other Rangers' minds during a card game. Trip
is out with Circuit, when Nadira shows up, pretending be running from Cyclo-
bots. She gains Trip's trust, and then she kidnaps Circuit. Nadira instructs
the Medicon to rewire Circuit, making him useless to the Rangers. Later, the
Rangers are attacked by Medicon, and they use their Chrono Sabers to defeat
him. When Medicon grows, they are unable to contact the future without the
help of Circuit. The Green Ranger finds Circuit and is able to repair his
damages. The Rangers activate the Time Flyers and combine them to create the
Time Flyer (ship mode). They finish him off with the Time Force Megazord
(mode red) and the Saber. Mutants: Ned Grimmly & Medicon

JEN'S REVENGE (03/24/01)

The Time Force Rangers are battling Fatcatfish, when he taunts Jen about the
death of Alex. The Pink Ranger goes postal and tries to destroy him, but he
escapes. Later on inside the Chryo Prison, Fatcatfish says robots are use-
less. This upsets Frax, so he sends Jen a phony transmission from Fatcatfish
telling where Ransik will be that night. Frax tells Ransik that Fatcatfish
wants to see him and vice versa. Jen shows up to stop him, and Ransik thinks
Fatcatfish a traiter. The Pink Ranger wants revenge on the mutant for trying
to kill Alex back in the year 3001. She goes postal and tries to destroy him
with her V5 Pulsar. The Red Ranger convinces her that's not what Alex would
do, so they defeat him with the Vortex Blaster. When his DNA is exposed,
Fatcatfish grows. The Rangers bring the Time Flyer (ship mode) online and
attack with the cyclone defense. They assemble the Time Force Megazord (mode
red) and freeze Fatcatfish with the Saber. Mutant: Fatcatfish

THE TIME SHADOW (03/31/01)

Mr. Collins top secret labratory is invaded by Izout and the Cyclobots. The
Time Force Rangers show up to stop them, but Izout steals some Zurium powder
which he uses 22nd century disoceries to create a Trizurium Crystal. Mean-
while, the Rangers use the Vortex Blaster to defeat Izout. The Rangers form
the Time Force Megazord (mode blue) to stop him. The Time Force Megazord
falls into a trap of mines. The Megazord is badly damaged, but the Time Jet
defeats the mutant at the last minute. The Time Flyers return to the future
to undergo extense repairs. Meanwhile, the inventors in Mr. Collins lab are
constructing a powerful tank called the Ramei Explorer. Meanwhile, Frax
decides to use the power of robots to stop the Rangers, by activating his
new creation, Tronicon. He uses the Trizurium Crystal to activate Tronicon.
Tronicon grows and attacks the city. The city is left defensless with the
Time Flyers too badly damaged. Mr. Collins has the Ramei activated, but
it is destroyed. Meanwhile in the year 3001, in a secret area of Time Force
command, Alex mysteriously appears, working on a top secret project. He
launches a new ship called the Time Shadow. The Time Shadow appears in the
year 2001 over the city. Circuit recieves information on how to use it. The
Time Shadow transforms into the Time Shadow Megazord. The Time Shadow Mega-
zord uses two twin Sabers to attack and destroy the Tronicon robot. Later,
Captain Logan insures the Rangers they have no idea who sent the Time Shadow. Mutant: Izout Robot: Tronicon


Katie is remember her family while the other Rangers discover that the Ramei
was never recorded in original history. The Time Force Rangers presence in
the present is altering the future. They begin questioning if they will even
have their future, when they return. Meanwhile, Ransik yells at Frax for
sending a robot to a mutant's job. Frax discovers the key to the legendary
X-Vault. The X-Vault is a hidden area in the Chryo Prison that holds the
world's most dangerous mutant criminals. Frax releases Vexicon from the X-
Vault and sends him up against the Rangers. Vexicon proves himself much too
strong for the Rangers but they eventually work together and defeat him with
the Vortex Blaster. Vexicon grows and the Rangers bring the Time Force
Megazord (mode red) online. When that doesn't work, they switch to mode
blue. The Time Shadow is sent to give the Rangers extra stregnth. Circuit
instructs them to bring together the Time Shadow and Time Force Megazords to
create the Shadow Force Megazord. The Shadow Force Megazord uses its power-
ful Saber to defeat and freeze Vexicon. Mutant: Vexicon

UNIQUELY TRIP (04/14/01)

Trip becomes discouraged when he thinks his friends are doing better than
him at fighting against Redeye. The Rangers eventually defeat him with the
Vortex Blaster. Later, Trip continues to try to be like his friends in
working out, fighting, and impressing girls. All of his attempts fail, and
he ends up injured when Ransik sends Electropede to suck the city's power.
Trip finds what he is good at, inventing things, and invents the Electro
Booster. The Green Ranger gives the Electro Booster to the Red Ranger. The
Red Ranger uses the Electro Booster to overload the mutant. Electropede
grows and the Rangers form the Shadow Force Megazord to finish him off with
the Saber. The Green Ranger uses his Zybrian powers to rescue a group of
kids from an explosion. Mutants: Redeye & Electropede

WORLDS APART (04/21/01)

Nadira and Cyclobots are robbing a bank, when a group of soldiers dressed in
black army fatigue show up. They call themselves the Silver Gaurdians. Their
blasters are able to disable the Cyclobots. The Time Force Rangers wonder
who these Silver Gaurdians are. Later, Wes' old friend Eric Meyers runs into
him. Wes and Eric went to prep school together, but Eric went on to find
better things. Eric is very competitive and thinks Wes is just a spoiled
rich kid. Later on, a new report shows that Mr. Collins is in charge of the
Silver Gaurdians and they only protect people who pay for their services.
Mr. Collins states that the Time Force Rangers can't be everywhere, but
there is rivalry between the two teams when Frax sends another X-Vault mutant
called Univolt. The Silver Gaurdians don't know what they're up against and
the Red Ranger tries to intervene and is blasted by Univolt. Mr. Collins and
Eric both disover that Wes is the Red Ranger. Mr. Collins confronts Wes and
wants him to work for the Silver Guardians, but he refuses. The Time Force
Rangers band together and defeat Univolt with the Vortex Blaster. Mutant: Univolt


A group of archeologists are digging, when they discover a box that is
revealed to contain the Quantum Morpher. Ransik sends Brickneck and the
Cyclobots to retrieve it, but are intercepted by the Time Force Rangers. The
Silver Guardians show up and get in the way once again. Eric overhears the
Rangers and Brickneck arguing about the powers of the Quantum Ranger. In the
midst of the battle, the Quantum Controller Box is blasted from Brickneck's
grasp. The box lands right near Eric and he takes it. Later in the Clock
Tower, Wes is recooperating from being attacked by Brickneck. The Rangers
explain to Wes that the Quantum Morpher was lost in a time travel experiment
in Time Force's early years, when time travel was still experimental. Wes
stays behind as the other Rangers go after Brickneck, who is looking for the
Quantum Morpher. The Red Ranger goes to help his friends, when he meets up
with Eric who is determined to get to the place where he hid the box. Eric
uses the Quantum Morpher to morph into the Quantum Ranger. The Quantum Ran-
ger intrudes in the battle with Brickneck. He uses his Quantum Defender
weapon to defeat the mutant and freeze him. Now that Eric has the powers of
the Quantum Ranger, he is more determined than ever. Mutant: Brickneck

PART I (05/05/01)

Ransik sends Commandocon back in time to gain control of the Quantasaurus
Rex. The Time Force Rangers show up to stop him. The Quantum Ranger also
shows up to gain control of the Quantasaurus Rex first. He takes the TF
Eagle to follow him, through a time portal, but the Red Ranger jumps aboard
and hitches a ride back into the Jurassic period. They are forced to deal
with prehistoric dinosaurs in order to find the Quantasaurus Rex. Commando-
con makes into the cave and the Red Ranger is about to follow him in, when
the Quantum Ranger stops him. The two Rangers battle each other, because
Eric thinks Wes just wants control of it himself. Meanwhile in the cave,
Commandocon places a controlling device on the Quantasaurus Rex and orders
it to enter a time portal back to the present. The Quantum Ranger follows
them in the TF Eagle, but he decides to save the Red Ranger at the last
minute, just to make things even between them. Back in the present, Ransik
and his followers appear as Commandocon orders the Quantasaurus Rex to dest-
roy the city.
To Be Continued......... Mutant: Commandocon


As the Quantasaurus Rex continues to attack the city, the Rangers form the
Time Force Megazord (mode red). They also activate the Time Shadow Megazord.
Meanwhile, the Quantum Ranger tries to use his Quantum Morpher to order the
Quantasaurus Rex to stop, but the controlling device is blocking his voice.
Both Megazords are damaged, as well the Quantasaurus Rex is injured and re-
treats to heal itself. Later at the Clock Tower, Trip insists that if he had
the Quantum Morpher, he could reverse the blocking device. Wes goes to look
for Eric, when Mr. Collins comes to the Clock Tower and tries to recruit the
Rangers to join the Silver Guardians. Meanwhile, the Red Ranger and Quantum
Ranger battle as Wes tries to convince Eric the Quantum Morpher doesn't
belong to him. Later the other four Rangers show up and tell Eric that they
turned down Mr. Collins offer. The Quantasaurus Rex has repaired its damages
and continues to attack the city. The Time Force Rangers create the Shadow
Force Megazord (mode red) for the first time to fight against the Quantasau-
rus Rex. The Shadow Force Megazord isn't very effective against it. To make
matters worse, Commandocon grows to help destroy them. Meanwhile, The Quan-
tum Ranger uses the Quantum Defender to destroy the blocking device. Then he
gains control of the Quantasaurus Rex. He transforms it to the Quantasaurus
Megazord. The Quantasaurus Megazord uses the quantum missles and thunder
fists to attack Commandocon. It uses the max blizzard attack to finish him
off in a deep freeze. Proud with his accomplishments, Mr. Collins makes Eric
the leader of the Silver Guarrdians. Mutant: Commandocon


Dr. Zaskin has been hired by Mr Collins to unlock the secrets of the Quantum
Ranger's powers. Ransik sends Klawlox to kidnap Dr. Zaskin to steal the
information. Although, Dr. Zaskin won't cooperate, the Klawlox and the
Cyclobots go to his house to kidnap his daughter. Knowing she and her father
are in danger, she hires Lucas, who is out doing odd jobs, as her bodyguard.
Meanwhile, the other Rangers show up to rescue Dr. Zaskin. Also the Quantum
Ranger and the Silver Guardians show up and assist with the rescue. Nadira
and the Cyclobots are outnumered, so they retreat. When Klawlox shows up to
kidnap Dr. Zaskin's daughter, Lucas morphs into the Blue Ranger. The Blue
Ranger defeats Klawlox with the Chrono Saber spin attack. The other Rangers
show up and form the Shadow Force Megazord (mode red) to deal with a fully
sized Klawlox. The Quantum Ranger shows up and activates the Quantasaurus
Megazord. Together, the Shadow Force and Quantasaurus Megazords defeat
Klawlox. Lucas returns the little girl to her home. Meanwhile, Eric takes
full credit for rescuing Dr. Zaskin. Mutant: Klawlox


Wes tells the Rangers of an old legend that occured a hundred years ago in
the Clock Tower. A man named Walter Brown lived there sad and alone and
still haunts the place. Later that night, Katie is walking down the stairs
and sees a ghost. She trips and falls through a time portal, taking her back
in time a hundred years. She is helped by Walter Brown, who is is sad alone
in the Clock Tower. He is constantly bullied by his rival Drake. Walter is
writing poetry about Drake's girlfriend Gwen, because he loves her and knows
that Drake does not treat her well. When Drake finds out he tries to beat
him up, but with encouragement from Katie, Walter stands up for himself and
Gwen. Katie wakes up back in the Clock Tower, and the other Rangers are
ready for battle against another mutant. The Time Force Rangers show up to
defeat the Cruel Senturion with the Vortex Blaster. When the mutant grows,
the Rangers call for the Time Flyers and form the Time Force Megazord modes
blue and red to defeat the Cruel Senturion in deep freeze. Later in the
Clock Tower, Wes says the legend was that Walter and Gwen lived happily ever
after in the Clock Tower. Katie relizes she altered the past. Mutant: Cruel Senturion


The Time Force Rangers have a plan to capture Nadira during another robbery.
However, the Silver Guardians show up and get in the Red Ranger's way, and
Nadira escapes. Jen blames Wes for the plan failing and says he can't be
trusted. Meanwhile, Ransik has Turtlecon create an alternate dimension to
send the Rangers into. The Rangers are set up to get pulled into the alter-
nate dimension, where they must face the Dark Force Rangers, evil versions
of themselves. Due to the fact, the Dark Force Rangers know their every move
they are unsuccessful in defeating them. Somehow they are able to break a
whole in the dimension during the fighting. Jen and Wes are the only ones
that are able to escape through it in time. Jen tells Wes about meeting Alex
for the first time and how he tought her everything she knows. Jen and Wes
must work together and trust each other in order to shatter the dimension.
The Pink Ranger returns to the dimension and fires her V5 Pulsar at the time
the Red Ranger fires the Electro Booster. This shatters the dimension and
the Time Force Rangers are free. Turtlecon grows and the Rangers create the
Time Force Megazord mode red. Turtlecon creates an evil Time Force Megazord
(mode red) to attack. The Time Force Megazord switches to mode blue and
combines with the Time Shadow Megazord to form the Shadow Force Megazord.
The Shadow Force Megazord uses the Shadow Saber to destroy Turtlecon and the
Dark Force Megazord. Later, Wes reminds Jen even more of Alex. Mutant: Turtlecon | Dark Force Rangers