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The Time Force story continues...


Ranisk releases Notacon from chryogenic containment. However, Notacon does
not want to fight. He was only arrested for stealing vegetables, because no
one would feed him because of the way he looks. Frax puts on a device to
attempt to control him, but he escapes and is rescued by Trip. The Quantum
Ranger shows up and tries to destroy Notacon. Trip tries to explain his
story, but the Quantum Ranger insists that all mutants be destroyed. The
other Rangers show up and try to defend Notacon but the Quantum Ranger won't
listen and is about to destroy him with his Quantum Defender. Trip stands in
the way and shows his Zybrian gem, telling Eric that he will have to destroy
him too. The Quantum Ranger pretends to miss and blames it on his weapon
malfunctioning. Frax and the Cyclobots show up and use the controlling
device to make him attack the Time Force Rangers. Notacon grows and the
Rangers assemble the Shadow Force Megazord mode red to stop him from dest-
roying the city. The Quantum Ranger summons the Quantasaurus Rex to hold him
while he uses the Quantum Defender to destroy the controling device. Notacon
only wants to back into chryogenic containment, so the Shadow Force Megazord
uses the Saber to freeze him in containment. Later, Trip tells the others
that he saw what Eric was feeling inside and he is just lonely. Mutant: Notacon


Dr. Zaskin and his collegues continue testing on the Quantum Morpher but are
astounded by its technology. Later, Eric is at his house feeding his birds
when a little girl comes up to see his them. A group of men appear and ask
Eric to come with them. It turns out to be Conwing and some Cyclobots.
Conwing has a special mouthpiece that can allow him to imitate any voice. He
takes Eric's Quantum Morpher and uses Eric's voice to call upon the Quanta-
saurus Rex. The Quantasaurus Rex transforms into the Quantasaurus Megazord.
The Time Force Rangers show up and Eric uses this chance to escape off a
cliff into a river. The Pink Ranger rescue him, but he is ungreatful. Mean-
while the Rangers call upon the Time Shadow Megazord to stop the Quantasaur-
us Megazord. The Pink Ranger returns, but Conwing knocks her weapon to the
ground. Eric picks the V5 Pulsar off the ground and fires it at Conwing and
gets his Morpher back. Eric morphs into the Quantum Ranger and Conwing
grows. The Quantum Ranger follows him into the city and he is outnumbered by
Cyclobots. Meanwhile in the future, Alex sends Eric the Mega Battle. The
Quantum Ranger activates the Mega Battle and uses its aerial mode attack to
defeat a giant Conwing. Eric also learns that four of the Rangers are from
the future. He decides not to tell Mr. Collins. Mutant: Conwing


Wes, Lucas, and Trip all meet a girl named Angelique who put them under a
love spell. They are all asked to meet her at a fancy resturaunt. When they
get there, they discover they have all come to meet the same girl. They
begin arguing over her, because they are all trapped in the love spell.
Meanwhile, Ransik, Nadira, Gluto, Frax, and the Cyclobots attack the city.
The Pink and Yellow Rangers must fight them theirselves. They are almost
defeated, when Ransik's mutation begins acting up again. He goes for his
serum, but the Pink Ranger blasts it with her Time Blaster. Later, Jen and
Katie confront the three of them, because they didn't show up for their odd
jobs they were assigned to. The Rangers agree not to see her again, or at
least that's what they say. Jen sees Wes with Angelique and at the same time
Circuit detects a mutant in the area. Jen scans and finds mutant DNA from
Angelique. Later in the park Lucas and Trip show up to fight for Angelique.
The three morph into the Red, Blue, and Green Rangers. All three Time Force
Rangers fight each other as the spell increases. They try to fight to the
death, when the Yellow and Pink Rangers show up to fight Angelique, who is
really Contemtra. They destroy her bracelet that she used to put the Rangers
under the spell. The Rangers are all released from her spell and they use
the Vortex Blaster to defeat her. Contemptra grows and the Shadow Force
Megazord (mode red) is formed and defeats the mutant with the Saber. Later,
Jen and Wes are about to kiss when the phone rings. The plot thickens. Mutant: Contemptra / Angelique

THE LAST RACE (07/07/01)

Lucas is driving, while the Rangers cause him to swerve all over the road.
A police officer pulls him over and sends him to traffic school. Meanwhile,
Nadira has Dash, a racing mutant released from chryogenic containment. Lucas
is at traffic school when Dash shows up with Nadira in a car. Lucas and Dash
used to be friends on the race track. However, Dash was a wreckless driver
and destroyed a lot of the city getting him arrested. Lucas had to testify
against him in court. Now Dash wants a rematch, but Lucas tries to convince
him that it's too dangerous. Lucas stops him just in time, before he nearly
hits a group of kids crossing the road. The other Rangers show up and Nadira
uses an electrical armor that makes Dash fight the Time Force Rangers. The
Rangers try to stop him with their Chrono Sabers, but his DNA gets exposed
and he grows. The Rangers call upon the Time Flyers and form the Time Force
Megazord (mode red). The Time Force Megazord destroys the armor with the
Saber, but Dash convinces Lucas to put him back into stasus. The Time Force
Megazord uses the Saber to freeze Dash again. Dash's only hope is to some
day be able to return to his own time and become a champion again. Mutant: Dash

FULL EXPOSURE (07/14/01)

While the Rangers are fighting Ironspike, a photographer for the Silver
Hills Inquisitor is taking pictures of the fight. The Rangers defeat the
mutant with the Vortex Blaster. Later at the Clock Tower, Katie is hired by
the same photographer, to carry his stuff. His boss demands that he gets
pictures of the Rangers without their helmets or he's fired. When Ransik
sends Artillicon to attack the Rangers, the mutant thinks they are destroyed
in a blast. The photographer takes this chance to take pictures of the
Rangers, who are now out of costume. Katie tries to convince him not to hand
in the pictures, but his job is on the line. Meanwhile, Artillicon attacks
the building and Katie saves the young man when an elevator collapses. The
Time Force Rangers use the Chrono Sabers to destroy Artillicon's weapons and
they defeat him with the Vortex Blaster. The Rangers use the Time Force
Megazord (modes blue and red) to defeat Artillicon and send him back into
chryogenic freeze. Mutants: Ironspike & Artillicon


The Rangers get to audition for a movie that's shooting down the street when
they find out it is really being run by Cinecon, a mutant that sends the
Rangers into another dimension. Jen gets sent into a japanese kung fu movie,
Katie is sent into a broadway musical, Lucas gets sent into a forest
samarai movie, Eric is sent into a tarzan jungle movie, and Wes and Trip are
sent into a wild west cowboy movie. Meanwhile, Ransik forces Cinecon to put
Nadira in his movie. Nadira appears as a cowgirl in the old west. She puts
a price and Wes and Trip's head and they are attacked by bad cowboys that
turn out to be Cyclobots. Trip takes off to contact Circuit, while Wes is
surrounded by Nadira and the Cyclobots. It seems like he is unable to morph
either. Can the Rangers escape this movie madness? To be continued.... Mutant: Cinecon


Wes is just about outnumbered when he draws a Time Blaster and begins to
shoot em up. Just then, Trip shows up on horseback and rescue Wes from the
fight. Trip informs them that they got to destroy Cinecon's clapboard in
order to escape. Wes uses his Time Blaster to destro the clapboard and
everyone teleports out. Meanwhile in the jungle scene, Eric is swinging from
a vine, when he teleports out. The Rangers find themselves in a city, when
Eric comes out in midswing right into a brick wall and gets knocked out.
(Definitely the funniest thing I've seen in a while.) The Rangers discover
that they are in New York City and are in still in Cinecon's movie. The
Rangers are chased throughout the city by Ransik and the Cyclobots. The
Rangers are chased into a desert scene, where Ransik is driving a rover
vehicle. There is also another one being driven by Cyclobots. The Rangers
are given access to their Vector Cycles and morphing powers. The Time Force
Rangers cause Ransik to collide with Cyclobots and explode. Cinecon decides
to go to the final scene and grow. The Rangers are in the Shadow Force Mega-
zord mode blue. Just then, the Quantum Ranger is there with the Quantasaurus
Rex. And to top it off, in the future, the Transwarp Megazord punches itself
through the Time Gate into the fight. Cinecon wonders where the last page of
the script is, when Trip relizes he got an autograph on the last page of the
script. The Zords combine forces and destroy Cinecon, sending him back to
chryogenic freeze and return the Rangers back to their own dimension. Mutant: Cinecon


Jen meets up with her old partner Steelix, a mutant who was sent to prison
for trading secrets from Time Force to Ransik. Steelix is back for revenge
and takes Jen's Chrono Morpher from her. She alerts Captain Logan of Steelix
returning. In the meantime, Jen will try to stay out of site. Meanwhile in
the future, Captain Logan reports to Alex who is working in the shadows.
Meanwhile Jen sneaks away to meet Steelix in order to get her Chrono Morpher
back. Jen faces off against Steelix and gets her Chrono Morpher back. She
morphs into the Pink Ranger and battles Steelix, but is defeated when she is
sprayed by a hypnotic spray. Steelix retreats when Wes shows up to help Jen.
Jen gets up and begins to vicouslyfight against Wes. During the battle, Wes
reminds Jen of who she is and she returns to normal. The Time Force Rangers
track down Steelix and with the help of the Quantum Ranger, they defeat him
with their Chrono Sabers. Steelix grows and the Rangers assemble the Shadow
Force Megazord (mode blue). The Quantum Ranger activates the Quantasaurus
Megazord, and together they send Steelix back into chryogenic freeze. Later
in the Clock Tower, Jen reports to Captain Logan that Steelix has been re-
captured. Meanwhile in the future, Captain Logan returns to Alex' secret
chambers to report that Steelix has been captured. "Excellent." he says,
"There's something else." he continues, "I'm afraid the future is shifting.
It may be time for me to get involved." Mutant: Steelix

FRAX'S FURY (08/11/01)

Frax is fed up with the way Ransik treats him and the other robots. So he
attempts to keep him from getting to his syrum, but Nadira and Gluto come in.
Frax goes to the X-Vault and releases Venomark, a mutant with a powerful
venom that fill people with poison. When Ransik learns Venomark has been
released, he remembers his past. When Venomark was on the future's streets,
he poisoned Ransik with his venom. However, Ransik was helped by Dr. Fericks
with his special syrum. However, Ransik would have to continue taking the
syrum because of his mutant DNA. Ransik sabataged Dr. Fericks' lab and his
Cyclobots, taking the last of the syrum. The Time Force Rangers arrive to
fight Venomark, when Jen, Katie, Trip, and Lucas are poisoned by the venom.
Ransik appears to get his revenge on Venomark, but the mutant escapes as
Ransik is in desperate need of his syrum. The Red Ranger watches as Ransik
takes the syrum and it heals him. Later, he remembers and takes the vile to
his father Mr. Collins. Mr. Collins sees its great potential for profit as
he sends Eric and Wes to Bio Labs to reproduce the syrum. Bio Labs distrib-
utes the syrum to all the people infected by poison. When Venomark returns,
the Rangers return to defeat him. The Quantum Ranger activates the Mega
Battle and defeats him. The mutant grows and the Rangers form the Shadow
Force Megazord (mode red) and the Quantum Ranger forms the Quantasaurus
Megazord. Together, the Megazords send Venomark back into chryogenic cont-
ainment. Later in the Chryo Prison, Ransik returns to find that Frax has
smashed all of his viles of syrum. Frax reveals that he was human before
Ransik destroyed him. Frax is all that remains of Dr. Fericks. Now he has
finally got his revenge on Ransik. Ransik yells in rage, "FRAX!!!" Mutant: Venomark

DAWN OF DESTINY (08/18/01)

Ransik and the Cyclobots chase down Frax through the woods but the Cyclobots
don't turn him in because robots got to stick together. Meanwhile inside the
Clock Tower, Jen is worried about the balance of the future, because the
syrum that helped the people from Venomark's bite, wasn't invented for anot-
her 200 years. Wes goes to Bio Labs to get the syrum back, but he is stopped
by Eric. Mr. Collins comes in and orders Eric to take the syrum from Wes.
Eric willingly follows the order. Meanwhile inside the Chryo Prison, Nadira
suggests that Ransik go to Bio Labs for the syrum. Ransik invades Bio Labs
with Cyclobots and a mutant called Severax. The Silver Guardians try to
protect the property. The Time Force Rangers show up to battle Severax.
Ransik finds the syrum and Mr. Collins recongnizes him and stands up against
him. Mr. Collins says, "If I would've known that syrum could help you, I
would've poured it down the drain myself." Ransik injures Mr. Collins and
leaves. The Quantum Ranger faces off against Ransik outside the building.
Ransik defeats the Quantum Ranger and escapes with the syrum. Mr. Collins is
rushed to the hospital with Eric by his side. Meanwhile in an abandoned
warehouse, Frax is building a powerful gigantic robot. Meanwhile in the
future, this is all being watched by Alex. The Time Force Rangers defeat
Severax with Chrono Sabers and the Electro Booster. The mutant grows and
they form the Time Force Megazord (mode red). Alex launches the Time Shadow
and exits the secret room. The Shadow Force Megazord (mode red) is formed
and defeats Severax. The Rangers are celebrating their capture over another
mutant. But Jen is worried that the future is in danger of shifting. Just
then there is a voice, "It's already too late..." Alex walks over to the
other Rangers, revealing himself, "The future has shifted.. and I'm here to
set it back on track." To Be Continued... Mutant: Severax


As the Rangers celebrate their victory over Severax, Alex arrives and exp-
lains his arrival to set the future back on track. Alex brings the Time
Force Rangers to a Timeship that has landed on the beach. Alex briefs Wes
that he is taking over as the Red Ranger. Wes is upset by this, but Alex
tells him he cannot control his destiny. His father will die tomorrow and he
must take over Bio Labs. After Alex dismisses Wes from the team, he checks
out the Clock Tower, the Rangers base of operations. He is very disapointed
in the Rangers' progress since they have arrived here. Alex alerts them of a
present danger in the area and they all rush off to encounter Frax' new Zord
creation known as Dragontron. The Rangers assemble the Shadow Force Megazord
mode blue to fight it. Meanwhile, Wes has taken over Bio Labs for the time
being. When Eric finds out, he is very upset and about to explode. Just then
one of the Silver Guardians alerts him of the battle by the beach. The
Quantum Ranger shows up and activates the Quantasaurus Rex. The Rangers are
getting badly defeated, when Jen calls Alex "Wes". You can tell he is very
upset but he tries to ignore it. The Megazords try to hit Dragontron's
energy core to destroy it, but it is too powerful. Dragontron becomes
vulnerable and leaves to repair its damages. Later at the Clock Tower, Alex
is furious and enraged. He chews the Rangers out, but they are very upset
with him as well. They wish that Wes would come back. Meanwhile, Wes visits
his father in the hospital, when he remembers Alex's words. "You cannot
change your destiny. Your father will die tomorrow." To Be Continued... Zord: Dragontron


Frax uses an energy syphen to draw power from the Rangers' Zords. The Time
Force Rangers stumble upon this device and battle Frax and his Cyclobots.
Meanwhile, Eric plans to leave town now that Wes is in charge of Bio Labs.
Meanwhile at the hospital, Wes discovers that Mr. Collins really is proud of
him for being the Red Ranger and that he defended him when Ransik attacked.
Wes is riding in the back of a limo, when he drives by the Clock Tower. He
has the driver let him out so he can go see his friends. That's when he
finds out from Circuit that the Rangers are in trouble. Meanwhile, the
Rangers are about to take Frax in, when Alex tries to order them to disarm
the energy syphen first. The Rangers are defeated by Frax's syphen and Alex
becomes more enraged at them. They finally challenge his orders and tell him
that they were better off with Wes. That's when Wes shows up and disables
Frax's energy syphen. Alex is angry when the Time Force Rangers ask him to
give the Chrono Morpher back to Wes. Jen finally convinces him to give in.
Alex throws the Chrono Morpher to Wes and he uses it to transform into the
Red Ranger once again. The Rangers form the Time Force Megazord mode red to
fight Dragontron, which Frax has brought back into action. Meanwhile, Eric
is leaving town when his taxi drives by a broadcast of the fight on TV. Eric
leaves the taxi and returns as the Quantum Ranger to summon the Quantasaurus
Rex. The Time Force Megazord powers up the Saber and tries a new technique
by riding the Quantasaurus Rex and with its incredible speed and power, they
destroy Dragontron once and for all. Meanwhile at the hospital Alex uses a
futuristic orb to allow Mr. Collins to recover. After the battle, Eric
drives Wes to the hospital, where Wes relizes that his father was saved and
is proud of him. Wes returns to the beach as the Rangers see of Alex off to
the future. Wes asks Alex about his father. Alex admits to saving him and
says "You make your own destiny. You taught me that." The Rangers forgive
Alex for his behavior and see him off as the Timeship blasts off into the
future. Zord: Dragontron


An expert gymnist named Mr. Mechanau is advertising special potion at the
park that can make ordinary people super strong. Trip and Katie witness this
and so does Eric. Meanwhile, Jen is watching as newlywed couples come out of
a chapel. She relizes that she now has feelings for Wes rather than Alex.
Later at the Clock Tower, the Rangers decide that they need to go in under-
cover in Mr. Mechanau's gym. The others volunteer Wes and Jen to go check it
out. Although when they get there, Jen thinks Wes is flirting with girl at
the front desk. Jen goes on ahead to find out what's going on when she is
captured by Cyclobots. She discovers that the one behind this operation is
Frax and he is turning people into robots with his potion. Wes finds Jen and
saves to discovers that Mr. Mechanau is really a samarai mutant named
Mechanau. They battle against Mechanau and the Cyclobots when the Quantum
Ranger shows up, who Jen flirts with to make Wes jellous. The other Time
Force Rangers show up as well to help. Meanwhile in the future, Alex relizes
that Mechanau is too powerful for the Rangers to defeat. He opens up a
comunication with the Red Ranger and tells him to protect Jen since he can't
be there. Alex sends him the Strata Cycle through the Time Gate. The Strata
Cycle is a aerodynamic flying vehicle. The Red Ranger jumps aboard the
Strata Cycle and uses its lasers to destroy Mechanau. Mechanau grows and the
Rangers call upon the Shadow Force Megazord mode blue and Quantasaurus Rex
and destroy Mechanau once and for all. Later, Wes tells Jen that she and
Alex are perfect for each other, but when Jen tries to talk to him the other
Rangers come in and interrupt the conversation to try to give them an odd
job, where this guy wants to hire them to help him work out. Mutant: Mechanau


A Great Knight goes up against the evil Black Knight who is in search of the
powerful Battle Fire. Although, the Black Knight retrieves the box that
contains the Battle Fire, the Great Knight informs him only a pure heart can
open the box. The Black Knight ignores him and destroys him. Meanwhile in
Silver Hills, Trip is going to pick up a pizza that he is forced to pick up,
when he is attacked by the Black Knight. Trip returns to the Clock Tower
with the pizza destroyed. When he tells them the story, they don't believe
him. Later however, they are proven wrong. The Time Force Rangers go up
against the Black Knight who is too powerful for them. They relize that he
is not a mutant, but they must do their job. As darkness begins to fade, the
Black Knight retreats to his cave. The Red Ranger chases him down on his
Strata Cycle. The next night when the Black Knight returns, the other
Rangers are there waiting on their Vector Cycles. Meanwhile, Wes tracks down
the knight's cave. He finds a gigantic dragon guarding a box. Wes morphs
into the Red Ranger and uses his Chrono Saber to destroy the dragon. He
returns to the box and opens it. An image of the Great Knight appears as he
gives him the Battle Fire a mysterious glowing light. The Red Ranger returns
to the fight where the Pink Ranger and the others are being defeated. He
tells the Black Knight to leave her alone and steps forward and holds the
Battle Fire in his hand. He activates it, giving him the Great Knight's
armor, making him the Battle Warrior. The Battle Warrior powers up his saber
and performs an all too farmiliar finishing attack with his saber on fire.
The Battle Warrior destroys the Black Knight once and for all. Later at the
mouth to the cave, the Rangers put the Black Knight's sword in the ground,
sealing up the evil powers forever. Foe: Black Knight


Vypra has been released from the Shadoworld through a graveyard in Silver
Hills, where she finds a museum in attempt to find the Solar Amulet. How-
ever she is unable to penetrate the security. The Silver Guardians show up
to stop her and her warriors, but the Guardians are defeated. After they
disapear, the Time Force Rangers show up to try to figure out what happened.
They must later go up against Vypra and her soldiers, when they are defeated.
With the help of Ransik, the Solar Amulet is stolen. That's when Carter
Greyson, the Lightspeed Rescue Red Ranger shows up to offer his assistance.
Carter calls his friends to help the Rangers. In the meantime, Carter and
Wes try to to recover the Silver Amulet, but are unsuccessful. Vypra threat-
ens to destroy the remaining four Time Force Rangers, so Carter must sacri-
fice the amulet. Vypra uses the Solar Amulet to call forth a super demon
known as Quarganon. Just then Dana Mitchell, Kelsey Winslow, Joel Rawlings,
and Chad Lee return to help them. If that wasn't enough, Eric arrives with
Ryan Mitchell the Titanium Ranger. All twelve Power Rangers morph and battle
Quarganon. To defeat them, they must use the Green and Blue Lightspeed Rang-
ers Mega Battles, the Quantum Ranger's Mega Battle, the Red Lightspeed Rang-
er's Transarmor Cycle, and the Red Time Force Ranger's Battle Warrior. Tog-
ether they use their powers to destroy Quarganon and Vypra once and for all.
The Rangers celebrate their victory together in the Clock Tower. Demon: Quarganon


Lucas continues his obsession with looking in the mirror. Meanwhile, the
beautiful Nadira is payed a visit by Miracon. Miracon is a mirror like
mutant with the ability to travel into mirrors. He attacks the city with a
giant mirror that he uses to reflect the sun's rays onto the the city of
Silver Hills. The Time Force Rangers show up to stop him, when the Blue
Ranger stops to check himself out in a circle of mirrors. He finds that his
reflection is mocking him and pulls himself into the mirror. It is really
Miracon. The other Rangers are pulled into the mirrors as well. They must
go up against Redeye, Angelcon, and Ironspike. Meanwhile, Eric shows up at
the warehouse to check out what's going on, when he is pulled into a mirror.
Eric morphs into the Quantum Ranger and joins the Rangers against Miracon.
Miracon grows and the Rangers call upon the Time Force Megazord mode blue
and the Time Shadow Megazord. The Quantum Ranger summons the Quantasaurus
Rex. Miracon reverses the polarity of the Time Shadow causing it to turn on
the other Megazords. The Quantasaurus Rex knocks the Time Shadow back to its
senses. The Quantasaurus Megazord is activated and the three Megazords
combine their efforts to destroy Miracon. The Rangers have captured another
mutant, but Lucas swears he will never look at another mirror again. Mutants: Angelcon & Miracon


Lucas has written a poem about his first car which resembles a love poem
with words like "you make my heart race". Anyway, the Rangers tease him
about it, and later they are summoned to battle Ransik's latest mutant
Chameliacon. Nadira and Chameliacon are out with the Cyclobots to take
Nadira's mind off the lack of romance in her life. During the battle, the
Blue Ranger takes on Nadira and knocks her into the bushes. He just happens
to drop his book of poetry, and after the battle Nadira finds it and thinks
he was writing about her. Later in the Chryo Prison, Nadira tells her father
Ransik that she is in love with the Blue Ranger. Ransik isn't very happy,
but he says "Anything that makes my little girl happy." Later on, Lucas is
doing an odd job, when he is interupted by Ransik, who gives him flowers and
candy to give to Nadira. Lucas is leary about doing this, but Ransik threat-
ens to destroy him if he doesn't. Is it just me, or has Ransik been threat-
ening to destroy the Rangers since the beginning? Anyway, Lucas shows up and
gives Nadira all her favorite things. Nadira is head over heels (Come on,
does anyone really act like this?) in love with Lucas. Meanwhile, Ransik
sends Chameliacon to return to attack. When the Rangers show up, the Blue
Ranger gets into a fight with Chameliacon. That's when Ransik shows up and
pulls Chameliacon aside. "Not the blue one." he says, "But the others are
fair game." Lucas doesn't feel right about Ransik protecting him and the
other Rangers notice it too. The other Rangers help Lucas dress like a slob
to turn off Nadira. And the plan works expecially when Lucas says he doesn't
have any money to pay the bill. "You're broke?" she shouts, "I never want to
see you again!" Later in the Chryo Prison, she tells Ransik that she never
wants to see Lucas again, so he pulls Chameliacon aside again and tells him
to destroy the Blue Ranger. "Don't listen to what I told you before. Listen
to what I am telling you now." he demands, "Destroy the Blue Ranger!" All
Rangers show up to take on Chameliacon and the Cyclobots, including the
Quantum Ranger who is fassionably late for the Zord battle. The Rangers form
the Shadow Force Megazord mode blue, and the Quantum Ranger activates the
Quantasaurus Megazord. Together they send Chameliacon back into deep freeze.
Overall, great episode. Very funny!! Mutant: Chameliacon

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