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The End Of Time slideshow :

Nov 3. 01

Ransik tells his army of Cyclobots to find and capture FraxThe Rangers are ordered to return to the futureTimeship arrives in the year 2001Nadira arrives for a shopping spree
Trip shows up to stop herTrip discovers a woman is in laborTrip convinces Nadira to help the woman deliverFrax is nearly done completing Doomtron
Nadira delivers the baby girlGluto discovers Frax's baseRansik invades and captures FraxAlex demands the Rangers to return to the future
Nadira asks Frax why mutants hate all humansCyclobots take Frax away to be reprogrammedNadira looks over the reprogrammed FraxWes goes to see his father Mr. Collins
Wes discovers the auto pilot in the TimeshipFrax pilots Doomtron, his new ZordDoomtron attacks the cityThe portals begin to open in the sky
Doomtron battles the Quantasaurus RexCircuit informs the Rangers that the trizirium crystals of both Zords are causing the unstable portalsWes tries to convince Eric to stop the fightThe Rangers are knocked to the ground
Wes tricks the Rangers into returning to the futureRangers look out the window of Timeship in tears

Nov 10. 01

Doomtron knocks the Quantasaurus Rex to the groundEric falls to the groundCyclobots ambush himWes gets Eric to safety
Wes and Eric argue about their differencesThe Rangers have returned to the futureAlex informs them that Wes didn't surviveRansik and his forces follow Wes and Eric back to the Clock Tower
The Cyclobots have invaded the Clock TowerWes defends himself with the Electro BoosterThe Clock Tower burns to the groundThey escape in their jets
Mr. Collins is looking for WesHe finds Wes and EricEric is injured by a blast from a CyclobotEric gives Wes his Quantum Morpher to help
Wes makes a last desperate attempt to defend the cityIn the future, the Rangers prepare for memory adaptationRangers refuse to have their memories erasedAlex lets the Rangers go back to help Wes

Nov 17. 01

Red Ranger defends the city against the Cyclobots with his last breathDoomtron continues to attack the cityThe Time Flyer jet mode launches back to the pastTime Flyer uses cyclone defense to disable Doomtron
The Time Force Rangers have returned to protect the cityThe Rangers fight the CyclobotsThe Rangers reunite with WesIn the Chryo Prison, Nadira tries to confront Ransik
Gluto wusses out and freezes himself in stasisTrip amps up the power of the Quantum DefenderDoomtron returns to his feetRed Ranger uses the Quantum Defender to disable Q-Rex's trizirium crystals
Red Ranger uses the Quantum Defender and Q-Rex to destroy DoomtronFrax is damaged beyond repairNadira tries to confront Ransik, but he pushes her asideNadira saves a baby that has been lost in the attack
Pink Ranger informs Ransik that his time is upRansik won't go down without a fightRed Ranger defeats Ransik with Battle WarriorThe final blast causes him to power down
Ransik gets up still aliveJen has Ransik chase into a nearby buildingRansik sees something and attacksTo his dismay, it turns out to Nadira
After Ransik admits his love for Nadira, he surrendersWes says goodbye to his friendsWes and Jen express their love for each otherWes joins the Silver Guardians with Eric as his partner