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The Time Force story comes to an end. Watch here for the end of Time Force!


In the Clock Tower, the Rangers are testing Circuit's memory of events that
have happened throughout time. Because he has records of events all the way
up to the year 3001, the Rangers ask him to tell them what will happen a
month from now. Circuit accesses images of the future that are of dark
portals appearing above the city, and it looks like the fabric of time and
space are tearing. Circuit is shocked by all of this and is ready to give
this information to the Rangers. Meanwhile in the year 3001, Alex is moniter-
ing the situation. Before Circuit is able to relay information of future
events, Alex deletes that part of his databanks. Now Circuit has just lost
the information. Now everyone thinks Circuit is malfunctioning and every
time he appears to assist the Rangers, they tell him they don't need his
help. Circuit's feelings get hurt and he leaves the Clock Tower. Meanwhile,
Ransik releases Serpicon from deep freeze and sends him and the Cyclobots to
infiltrate Bio Labs. Meanwhile, the Rangers notice Circuit is missing and
Trip looks for him. He is able to find him where the Timeship crashed when
they first arrived. Meanwhile, Trip gets a vision from his Zybrian gem that
reveals Serpicon invading Bio Labs. There has been a self destruct device
activated that is counting down. Trip and Circuit rush to Bio Labs and Trip
is trying to deactivate it. Meanwhile, the other four Time Force Rangers are
summoned to the building. Trip notices that when the doors close, the build-
ing will automatically destruct. So the Rangers hold the doors open as long
as they can. Meanwhile, Trip needs Circuit's help, but Circuit doesn't have
any confidence left because of his malfunction. Just when the building is
about to blow, Circuit gets a transmission from Alex telling him everything.
Circuit helps Trip deactivate the self destruct and Bio Labs is saved.
Meanwhile outside the building, the Quantum Ranger is battling Serpicon. He
defeats him with his Quantum Defender. Meanwhile as the mutant grows, the
other Rangers show up to call the Time Flyers, but when Circuit gets in the
way of the blast of Serpicon, he is severely damaged, and the Rangers are
unable to call them. The Quantum Ranger activates the Quantasaurus Megazord
and it uses the Max Blizzard attack to defeat the mutant and send him back
into freeze. Later on in the Clock Tower, Trip is able to repair Circuit,
but they don't have any idea what is to come. Mutant: Serpicon


In the Chryo Prison, Ransik searches through every containment to discover
that there are no more mutants left in the prison. Nadira comes from the
X-Vault to reveal there are no mutants remaining there either. Don't ask me
how they even know about the X-Vault to begin with, cause amazingly I don't
know. The only possible explanation I could give is they found the key that
Frax stashed in one of the mutant capsules. Anyway, meanwhile at the Clock
Tower, the Rangers also relize that all the mutants have been captured. All
except for Ransik (Notice how they didn't mention Nadira and Gluto.) Lucas,
Trip, and Katie are so happy that they will soon be able to go home. Wes
joins in on the celebration. However, Jen is sort of depressed and goes out
on the roof of the Clock Tower to think. Wes follows her (of course).
Everyone goes through thoughts of their first adventures and how they all
became such good friends. Meanwhile, Frax is working on a new robot called
Maxax. He uses trizirium crystals to power it. Meanwhile in Mr. Collins'
office Dr. Zaskin comes to him about his discovery of changing zirium powder
into trizirium crystals. This shouldn't have taken place for another hundred
years. Eric sees this and drives to the Clock Tower to tell this information
to Wes. So Wes must go to his father to talk to him. Wes tells Mr. Collins
that the other Rangers are from the future and that the crystals aren't
suposed to be discovered yet. Mr. Collins is hesitent, because he knows
these crystals will make him a fortune. That's when, Wes is called into
battle against Frax and his new robot Maxax. All six Rangers show up to stop
this new creation. Maxax grows and the Quantum Ranger calls the Quantasaurus
Rex to destroy Maxax. Frax doesn't seem to disapointed that the robot was
destroyed. He says they've got no idea what he's got in store for them.
Later at the Clock Tower, Eric shows up with the trizirium crystals and the
experiments and gives them to Wes. Mr. Collins decided to take Wes' warning.
The other Rangers call Wes upstairs, where they are recieving a message from
Alex in the future. Alex tells them that their mission is almost over. The
Rangers delight in the hope of being able to go home. But Alex says that
they're not coming home. "According to the history books, You save the
future; But you don't survive to make it home." The Rangers watch the holo-
gram screen as the images that Circuit viewed before appears of the city
being torn apart by the fabric of space and time. Robot: Maxax


Alex talks to the Rangers from the future in the Clock Tower. He tells them
that they will save the future but they won't survive to return. So he tells
them that he's sending the Timeship so they can escape, but Wes can't come
with them, because he's not from their time. The Rangers are upset and later
agree that they're gonna stay and fight. Meanwhile Frax has nearly completed
construction on the Doomtron, his new Zord. Meanwhile, Ransik sends everyone
out to find and destroy Frax. Meanwhile, Nadira is taking a shopping spree,
or maybe a stealing spree, when she is stopped by Trip the Green Ranger.
Trip and Nadira fight, until Trip relizes that a woman in the store is going
into labor. Without knowing what to do, he practically forces Nadira to help
the woman give birth. After Nadira desperately helps the woman give birth to
the baby girl, she sees human life at its most innocent stage and is chal-
lenged by Trip that maybe all humans aren't evil. Meanwhile, Gluto stumbles
upon Frax's base and Ransik captures him and the Doomtron. Later on, Nadira
returns to the Chryo Prison with questions about humans for Ransik, but he
swears they're all wretched. In further search, she seeks Frax who is locked
up in the brig. (Curious how they have a brig in a prison of frozen crimi-
nals.) Anyway, Frax doesn't think any mutant could possibly not hate all
humans, until Nadira calls him by the name Dr. Fericks. Frax then relizes
that there is hope for her. Then he is taken away to be reprogrammed.
Meanwhile the Rangers load up the Timeship with the mutant criminals to send
them back to the future. While Wes is in the Timeship, he notices an auto
pilot manual. He relizes that if he wants to save his friends, he may have
to think about sending them back to the future. But first he goes to visit
his father Mr. Collins who is very happy to see him. He tries to invite him
and his friends over for the weekend. But he says, if anything happens to
him, he wants him to know that he's proud to be his son. Meanwhile, Ransik
orders the newly reprogrammed Frax to destroy the city with the Doomtron.
The Time Force Rangers are summoned to the fight, but the Quantum Ranger is
there first and calls forth the Quantasaurus Rex. During the battle, the
space time continuum begins to rip open and vortexes appear in the sky. With
the disturbances the Rangers are unable to summon the Time Flyers. Meanwhile
Circuit makes an interesting discovery. The trizirium crystals that power
both the Doomtron and the Quantasaurus Rex, are combining to create the
vortexes.. The Time Force Rangers try to get the Quantum Ranger to stop the
fight, but he refuses. Meanwhile, Wes says he has an idea to do with the
Timeship. The Rangers return to the Timeship and discover that Wes is tam-
pering with the auto pilot. Before they can do anything about it, Wes knocks
them down and exits the Timeship. As the doors close and lock, it prepares
for countdown to launch back to the future. The Rangers press their faces
against the window. Wes tells them they must return to the future if they
stand any chance of surviving. It's Wes' fight now. Can he do it? Only
time will tell. To be continued... Zord: Doomtron


The Timeship launches and returns to the future. The Rangers are changed
into their Time Force uniforms and they report to Alex. He tells them they
must go through a proccess called memory adaptation where their memories of
the past are erased. He says it's standard procedure for time travel, but I
think it's just because they have so much emotional attachment towards Wes.
Meanwhile in the past, the Quantum Ranger is blasted from the top of the
Quantasaurus Rex as it is damaged badly. Eric is badly injured, when he is
found by Wes who tries to talk him into helping him. Eric rants and raves
about how they have nothing in common. He goes on into a very intense speach
actually. "My friend..? you don't even know the first thing about me Wes.
I had nothing. I was dirt poor, and I have struggled for as long as I can
remember to pull my life out of the gutter. No one helped me. Not even for
one minute. Unlike you who's everything handed to him on a silver platter.
You and I.. have nothing in common." Then Wes interupts, "No.. we may've
grown up differently, but we have a lot in common. We both faught to change
our destiny and we both succeeded. Look at this! (pointing out their
Morphers) We are Power Rangers, Eric. And friends or not, we're the only
hope this city has right now.. Let's do it!" Sorry I just saw that as a very
touching moment. So Wes takes Eric to the Clock Tower to heal his wounds,
but the Cyclobots follow them there. They tell Ransik the location of the
Clock Tower and they all out attack it. Wes and Eric escape in the remains
of a burning Clock Tower. Meanwhile, Mr. Collins is looking for Wes. He
actually helps a little boy by putting him in his car and has the limo driver
take him to a hospital. He finds Wes and Eric, but Eric is too hurt to go
on. He gives him his Quantum Morpher to increase his chances in succeeding.
Meanwhile in the future, the Rangers ask about Wes and Alex says he doesn't
make it. But he faught valiantly. Jen and the others refuse to get their
memories erased and they are going to return to the past no matter what.
Alex gives in and tells them to take the Time Flyer jet mode. It has the
best chance of making it through the vortexes. Jen walks away as she takes
off her engagement ring and hands it to Alex. Poor Alex, just looks at her
as she walks away. They rush back to the past as Wes prepares for his last
battle to save the city. Can the Time Force Rangers get there in time? Keep
watching to find out. To be continued... Zord: Doomtron


Wes continues to battle the Cyclobots in an almost useless attempt to save
the city. Meanwhile in the future, the Rangers board the Time Flyer jet
mode. The Time Flyer launches through the Time Gate and into the year 2001.
Meanwhile as Wes battles the Cyclobots, a vortex opens up and the Time Flyer
flies out and sucks up Doomtron with the cyclone defense. Doomtron is thrown
to the ground. Wes greets the other Rangers as they meet up again. "You
can't get rid of us that easy." Lucas exclaims. The Rangers set up battle
against Doomtron. The Red Ranger jumps aboard the Quantasaurus Rex while the
other Rangers form the Time Force Megazord mode red. With the help of the
Time Force Megazord, the Red Ranger stands atop the Quantasaurus and fires
the Quantum Defender and Doomtron is destroyed. In the midst of the rubble,
Frax is destroyed as well, Meanwhile in the Chryo Prison, Gluto witnesses
the battle and freezes himself in the stasis because he is afraid. Ransik
challenges the Rangers again, but Nadira tries to talk some sense into him.
She tries to explain to him that all humans aren't evil, but he pushes her
aside. The Red Ranger activates the Battle Warrior and nearly destroys
Ransik, but is nearly destroyed in the proccess. Meanwhile, Nadira finds a
lost baby and she takes her to somewhere safe. Ransik escapes the rubble
with most of his body armor ripped apart. His eye hangs low. This is
actually pretty gruesome for Power Rangers. Anyway, the Rangers are weak,
when Jen has Ransik chase her into a building. Ransik follows her inside
when he thinks he sees her, and blasts her. When Jen appears behind him,
he relizes he fired on someone else. It is Nadira, who cries, "Father, how
could you do this?" She shows him the poor defenseless child and describes
her innocence. Ransik looks at his daughter he nearly destroyed and begins
to shed a tear. "Well I have been filled with hate for a long time now..
But the one I truely do love, I nearly destroyed." Nadira replies, "You
really love me, daddy?" Ransik explains to her he does in fact love her. He
looks around and relizes in order to make his daughter happy he must do what
is right and surrenders, "I'm ready to pay for what I have done." Jen breaks
out the big electrical cuffs and locks him up. Really a quite touching
scene. Later on at the Timeship, the Rangers prepare for their departure
back to the future. Wes stands to say goodbye to his friends. Mr. Collins,
Eric, and the Silver Guardians also join them to wish the Rangers a fond
farewell. Wes says his goodbyes and when it comes time to say goodbye to
Jen, she finally tells him she loves him. Wes admits he loves her as well.
However, they both know she cannot stay. She belongs in the future. All
four Rangers are teleported into the Timeship and it takes off back to the
future. Mr. Collins turns to Wes, "So what now Wes?" Wes turns to his
father and responds, "I don't know." Mr. Collins offers him a business
offer. Wes looks to him with a look only a son can give to his father that
won't give up. But then Mr. Collins tells him he's making a change in the
Silver Guardians. They're gonna protect the city for free, and he wants Wes
to be the new leader. Wes agrees with one condition, that Eric is his
partner. Everyone agrees with smiles of joy on their faces. Wes looks at
the Time Badge that Jen gave him, and leaves us with this statement, as it
sparkles from the sunlight, "The future's looking pretty bright." Zord: Doomtron


My overall thoughts on Time Force: Well, I really liked Time Force as a
series, it had great potential in the PR universe. I think it lived up to
what I expected. From the beginning, "Force From The Future", the story
line was very good. The Zords were great although the introductions were
quite early and not throughout the series. Although the lack in numerous
Zords and weapons, the great storyline and characters made up for it. There
were some very emotional scenes between the villians and great lines given.
Eric although wasn't around as much as we would've hoped, was a strong
character with a purpose. I don't think we've ever got such a hard driven
character before. Wes showed a lot of growth throughout the series, and his
father Mr. Collins turned out to be one of my unexpected favorites as well.
Trip I liked, he was cool and had a great energetic personality. A weird in
an innocent sort of way. Lucas was cool, and his character was established.
Jen was very pretty, and her bossy attitude did a lot for the storyline, but
I tend to think she could've done a little better. Katie was interesting
too, but a little on the boring side I'm afraid to say. The villians often
made the scenes comedic, which I liked in "Movie Madness" and "Nadira's
Dream Date". But they still knew when to be serious for suspense driven
adventures. Rito and Elgar were funny in previous series, but never knew
when to draw the line. The story with Alex was great, he really portrayed
his character well. You could even see similarities between Wes. I found
myself in the end, feeling sorry for the forgotten Alex. The team up was
great. Although rushed as can be. No Zord battle, big disapointment. But
the armor battle was cool, although a weak finisher for Quarganon. The story
line was great, just rushed. And then the finalle, was the most touching and
cliffhanging finalle of all times. "Countdonwn To Destruction" move over.
"The End Of Time" takes the cake. I was suprised as a lot people hated it.
I personally don't think "Countdown To Destruction" was as emotional of a
finalle, but I'll admit the battle scenes were a little more intense, but
"The End Of Time" came out on top. I'll admit it was a little bit rushed,
expecially that last episode. The series was a little rushed come to think
of it. Only 40 episodes. It could've been a lot more. But all in all, I
loved it. I was disapointed that they wrote the Quantum Ranger out of the
final battle and gave the spotlight to the Red Ranger again, but this is
Power Rangers folks. They always seem to do that. Well, my overall rating
for Time Force is a 10/10, saying it could've been 11, but what the hey, it
was great. But I'll leave you with that. My future plans involve focusing
on the Wild Force site and possibly finishing up the Lightspeed Rescue site.
Still not sure on the last one. So don't give up on me, I'll be around. ~Matt~

"Time For Time Force!"